WE HAVE JUST THE TOUR YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Take a tour from London to Stonehenge and explore an area that has fascinated millions for generations. We offer a comprehensive range of full day and half day tours from London, Bath, Salisbury and Southampton every day of the year. Stonehenge is isolated and not served by public transport so if you just want to visit Stonehenge it is both quicker and cheaper to take a sightseeing tour bus or arrange a private guided tour than travel independently. Special Access inner circle tours to Stonehenge operate outside normal opening hours, taking you beyond the ropes so you can walk amongst the stones themselves. Doing it once? Do it properly!
Private Tour Option:
Only want to travel with your family or chosen group? Why not book the entire vehicle and take a private tour? Choose any Stonehenge itinerary from only £69 per person! View our
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Stonehenge Summer Solstice Open Access Tour
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