Stonehenge Special Access Tours.  Walk amongst the Inner Circle at sunset or sunrise

Our special arrangement with English Heritage allows us to invite you within the inner ring of Stonehenge as part of a unique tour experience. For 99% of people visiting the sight the stones are roped off and observed from a distance. But not you… As the sun goes down and the tourists clear the area, you will stay. You will then be permitted beyond the fences, within the inner circle and tread the sacred ground which so few have before you. Our special access tours will allow you to contemplate the mystery of the ancient monoliths as you walk amongst them, whilst an expert tour guide brings to life their many myths, legends and fascinating history. A magical experience and a unique photo opportunity.

Stonehenge Adventurer - Inner Circle, Salisbury and guided landscape walk. Step back thousands of years in time and be inspired by the magnificence of Stonehenge close up. These tours will take you inside Stonehenge with special access to the inner circle in the evening or early morning.

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Visit the Roman Baths and Pump Room. In the late afternoon we visit Lacock for an early evening supper in a 13th century Inn, before driving to Stonehenge. As the sun begins to set, we enter the stone circle (which is normally roped off to the public) for a unique private viewing. The most dramatic and atmospheric way of visiting Stonehenge.

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Child £139 | Senior £144

A PRIVATE VIEWING OF THE INNER CIRCLE AT STONEHENGE - a later start gives the opportunity to visit the state apartments of Windsor Castle, a walking tour of Oxford and a private visit to the inner circle of Stonehenge. Walk amongst the stones & experience the magical atmosphere within the inner circle. "A once in a lifetime experience

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Child £125 | Senior £130

Stonehenge is a "must see" for anyone visiting the UK. Our Special Access tour gives you privileged access to the Stone Circle in the morning or evening. As one of the country's most famous World Heritage sites most visitors are not allowed direct access to the stones, but we have arranged with English Heritage for privileged access when the site is closed to the general public

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Child £115

What better way to experience the magic and mystery of Stonehenge than with a private viewing at sunrise. On our exclusive private guided tours from Salisbury, guests will be able to access the historic stone circle, and explore the surrounding area rich in history, myths and legends

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Child £119
Stonehenge Summer Solstice Open Access Tour