Our expert guides can turn the amazing experience of seeing the stones for the first time, into an enlightening one.

Stonehenge offers one of the most enriching and essential visiting experiences in the country, especially if you’re an antiquarian at heart. Not only is it the best preserved and most beautiful monument in the country, with one of the most fascinating yet mysterious creation stories, it is also part of a sprawling landscape rich in neolithic history. Stonehenge, as fascinating as it is, is merely the jewel in the crown that is the Wessex landscape.

Our expert guided tours unlock the mystery of the area. With 25 years of experience we offer a holistic experience that ties together both the history and myths of an extensive neolithic landscape, positively bulging with intrigue. Our flexible approach allows you to scalp your ideal experience, across a wide area and with a wide array of possible experiences.

The Ultimate Stonehenge Experience
Far more than just a pile of stones in a field, the monoliths of Stonehenge have been intriguing the world for centuries. Our expert guides can turn the amazing experience of seeing the stones for the first time, into an enlightening one. What is the purpose of the Stones? How long have they been here? How did the Stones come into public ownership? Our guides are equipped with an extensive knowledge of the UNESCO world heritage site and are happy to answer any and every question you have. And beyond this, they are eager to edify you unprovoked.Learn the latest theories on how our ancestors managed to transport some of the stones over 160 miles from South Wales.

Learn about the Druid religion that still thrives today and places Stonehenge at the centre of its worship. Learn about how the Stones are connected to King Arthur and the wizard Merlin! All the facts and fiction are yours to learn when you experience Stonehenge with our guides……
And the ultimate Stonehenge experience? Our VIP special access tours! At sunrise or sunset, once the crowds have departed, we offer you the opportunity to venture beyond the fences, amongst the stones themselves. With a guide in toe, revel in the beauty of monoliths up close whilst learning about the origins in depth.

Wessex and Beyond…
Our tours allow you to venture beyond the Stones themselves and enrich your neolithic knowledge. Wessex is home to a plethora of significant sites and our guides can help you discover them, weaving a more vibrant tapestry of the area’s history and myths. Why not take the short trip to the Cursus – once thought to be a chariot track leading to the Stones? Or the hundreds of burial mounds which litter the surrounding area? OR Why not visit Avebury stone circle on the same trip? Stonehenge is a lesser known cousin, yet no less drenched in intrigue.

Our bespoke tours allow you to create your own perfect trip, or let us create it for you with our expert knowledge of the area. With expert’s based in the area, as well London, we can create your dream trip – across the country. So where do you want to go?

Stonehenge | Woodhenge | Durrington Walls | Avebury Stone Circle | Bath City |
Salisbury Cathedral | The Cotswold’s | Windsor Castle | Oxford | Winchester | Glastonbury
| King Arthur’s Avalon | Hampton Court | Lacock Village | Highclere Castle | Downton Abbey |

We offer walking tours, college group tours, solo or family tours, astronomy tours, weddings and even helicopter flights! Whatever it is you want to do, it is worth asking us.


Do you want to be different and see; the mysterious Cursus, built around 3500 BC, before the first phase of Stonehenge? the various types of Barrows; what did they contain? why were they built? how many are around the landscape?

The Stonehenge Avenue and watch the stones disappear only to magically reappear a short distance later, a sight which which amazes all the guests on our tours.

The site of earlier monuments which predate the stones by 5-6000 years?.a selection of tools used by contemporaries of the builders of Stonehenge?

Or take a tour to Durrington Walls where the builders of Stonehenge may have lived and hear about recent archaeological digs led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson?

We provide tours around or across the landscape to see all of these monuments. Our tours will show you more than just Stonehenge and you will learn how older monuments may have influenced its development.

These tours are for the discerning traveller and can be found on our Special Access tours page. If you would like a longer walking tour, please see our Walks page.

Stonehenge is one of the world’s most unique and memorable experiences – let us make it unique and memorable for you!

Stonehenge Private Access Sunset Tour.  A unique photo opprtunity
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