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Kid-Friendly Private Tour. Enjoy special kid-friendly commentary, with a mix of facts, legends, and stories. We are truly passionate about family travel and we want to instill the love for learning and spark some interest in history and culture into the hearts of young travellers.

Start your morning bright and early, when your kid-friendly tour guide and private chauffeur tour / guide picks you up at your hotel or location of your choice in London in your time travel machine (disguised as a modern luxury mini-van). After about 2 hours, you will arrive near Stonehenge, and then take a shuttle bus to the monument.

It was built over 5000 years ago! These prehistoric stones are full of mysteries, and you and your kids will have fun deciphering the secrets that our Neolithic ancestors left behind! Who were the New Stone Age inhabitants of this region and why did they build this sanctuary? How did people move these 25-35 metric ton stones with just rudimentary tools? Your awesome storyteller guide will be there to guide you through your mystical discoveries, making these imposing stones approachable for family members of any and every age. While you’re there, you will also visit the reproduction of a typical house of that time.

We believe that how you travel is just as important as the destination you are traveling to. It takes an expert tour guide who is a great storyteller to make a Stone Circle or heap of ruins transform into an ancient wonder of the world or an imposing cathedral into an architectural wonder! Our expert, local Stonehenge tour guides can literally make a world of a difference!

A Theme Park Like No Other. With more than 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events,

Home to thrilling rides, attractions & live events, THORPE PARK Resort is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers featuring some of the UK's most popular roller coasters. Reach new heights with Stealth the UK's fastest roller coaster launching riders to 205ft at 80mph in just 2.5 seconds. Take flight on THE SWARM the UK's only winged coaster, or face one of Jigsaw's most twisted traps with SAW - The Ride the world's first horror themed roller coaster featuring a 100ft "beyond-vertical" drop.

Thorpe Park Resort is located on an island like no other and is home to some of the most thrilling rides in the UK – from dizzying roller coasters and disorientating flat rides, to a unique Ghost Train which will leave you questioning your reality. But that’s not all, the island is home to some family favourites too, so whether you want to join those Angry Birds on an adventure, or experience some unique thrills, our comprehensive resort guide will help you explore all the Resort has to offer

Is this tour suitable for all ages?

Yes! Your kid-friendly guide knows just how to adapt their speech to any and all ages, making your trip through time interesting and engaging for everyone.

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Tour Reviews

I would like to say Thank you..Thank you...Thank you. Our tour guide, was great! He was so knowledgeable and very accommodating. His explanations were so interesting. My son enjoyed the guides explanations. My family and I were very satisfied with our touring experience. To be up closeto Stonehenge was unbelievable. He was very punctual and the vehicle was very roomy. He had a good sound system. His headset allowed him to talk and drive with ease. We can hear himclearly. With the early pick up, we took the opportunity to sleep. Please relay our thanks to the guide. If ever we return to London and do another tour, we will call on you for sure.Thanks again

Charlene & family
Chicago, US
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