Stonehenge and Avebury Winter Solstice Tour: December 21st 2024. Salisbury Departure

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‘The Secrets of the Stones’ Tour of Stonehenge and Avebury. Join us for the chance of a lifetime to experience the celebrations that take place at Stonehenge to celebrate the Winter Solstice amongst the Pagans and Druids - a truly magical opportunity!

Imagine the day: picked up from a central location in Salisbury – with its magnificent cathedral sporting the tallest spire in England, one of the best preserved copies of the Magna Carta, and the oldest working clock in Europe –  you are transported to the world-famous Stonehenge ancient monument, where you can greet the winter solstice dawn as pilgrims have done for millennia. Then you will be taken through picturesque villages and quintessentially English countryside to Stonehenge’s sister site, Avebury. Here, you’ll be able to walk freely among the largest stone circle in Europe, and explore the other mysterious monuments that comprise a vast temple landscape. To finish off, time to visit the charming National Trust tearooms, giftshop, or the only pub inside a stone circle! Finally, you’ll be taken ‘back to the future’ and to Salisbury with plenty of time to enjoy the Cathedral, shopping and fine-dining on offer. Five thousand years in a day. Imagine

Each year in December visitors from around the world gather at Stonehenge early in the morning to mark the Winter solstice and to see the sunrise above the stones. It's an ad hoc celebration that brings together England's New Age Tribes (Neo-Druids, Neo-Pagans, Wiccans) with ordinary families, tourists, travellers and party people. A truly magical time to be at these ancient stone circles.


The mighty, mysterious 5000 year old Neolithic monument of Stonehenge is one of the seven wonders of the world; and its sister site, Avebury, close by, is equallyas significant, but off the radar for most visitors. On this exclusive accesstour led by experienced, knowledgeable guides you will be taken into the heart of the stones, and into the heart of their mystery.

Our company is the only one that specializes in private access tours to Stonehenge and has built up, over twenty years and more, a vast body of knowledge informedby cutting-edge research into the secrets of the stones. Many of our satisfied clients come back again and again, and stay in touch – because once the solstice or equinox is experienced at Stonehenge you are part of aninternational fellowship of pilgrims. Friendships can be forged on our toursthat last a lifetime. All are united by the unique experience – for you are noordinary tourist, and this is no ordinary tour. We love taking our pilgrims to the stones, because we love going ourselves. We want to share the magic ofthese special places with you.


·Pick up from Southampton or Salisbury in a luxury mini coach at 6am

·Watch the winter solstice sunrise at Stonehenge – a truly breath-taking moment!

·Take part in a druid ceremony, or just enjoy the festival vibes.

·Scenic route toA vebury, UNESCO World Heritage Site, including photo opportunities of white horses (chalk hill figures) and thatched cottages.

·Guided walks to the key sites in the Avebury landscape: West Kennet Neolithic long barrow (probablythe best preserved and biggest), Silbury Hill (the largest man-made mound inEurope), the Ridgeway (the oldest trackway in Europe), the Avenue (sacredprocessional route of standing stones) & more – the choice is yours.

·Optional vsit the Alexander Keiller Museum and learn about the fascinating history of Avebury’s rescue.

·Enjoy the picturesque National Trust tea-rooms, village pond, and charming historic buildings.

·Great souvenir & gift shopping at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, and the local shops in Avebury.

·Visit the only pub inside a stone circle!

On our tours the emphasis is quality, not quantity – and we will as much as possible go at your pace, and offer you as much or as little as you want, in terms of guiding, itinerary, and content. This is your special day out – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with these unique sites.

The adventure starts here..........................

Depart Southampton at 5am 21st December 2024

Depart Salisbury at 6am 21st December 2024

We also offer this exclusive tour from London and Bath


For those of you who have not visited this sacred site, we should mention that the complex is roped off. Visitors observe the stones from a distance and are not permitted within the temple complex..........our 'Winter Solstice' tours allow you to be amongst the stones and to actually touch them.

N.B. With this exception English Heritage do not allow any other 'private access' tours between 19th and 27th December

English Heritage provides Managed Open Access to Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice and works closely with agencies, and people from all sectors of the community, in order to create a peaceful occasion - ensuring an event that can be safely enjoyed by all and protects Stonehenge and its surrounding Monuments.

Due to the nature of this 'special access' tour and the strict entry conditions that English Heritage impose please register your interest for this tour on the form below and we will contact you with booking details and terms and conditions. This is on a first come first serve' basis.

Please note that as a responsible tour operator we have a duty of care towards the places we visit and in this case we ask you to be take great care when visiting the historic site. It is important that Stonehenge and its surrounding Monuments are preserved for future generations and we ask you not to touch the stones, and not to leave any litter at the site.

Visitors are requested to dispose of their rubbish carefully at the designated recycling and rubbish points located in the Solstice Car Park and at Stonehenge. Clear recycling bags will also be handed out on arrival.. Please do not drop litter - bag and bin your rubbish so the recycling team can gather them up. It is a very sensitive landscape and still used by local farmers so please respect their crops and livestock.

There are authorised catering facilities on the site and some personal food and drink is allowed to be brought onto the site. Please bring them in a small bag – large rucksacks are not permitted. Glass is not permitted and will be confiscated – many people walk barefoot and the livestock graze in the area throughout the year. Alcohol is no longer allowed. Please note consumption of alcohol on the coach is not permitted. Due to the large numbers of people who attend the vent, naked flames are strictly forbidden. Small ground sheets and blankets are allowed. We also recommend bringing warm clothing, sensible footwear and a small umbrella if rain is forecast.

*Due to the nature of this special event, we cannot guarantee exact arrival or departure times from Stonehenge so all timings are approximate.

Child £69
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Tour Reviews

We have now witnessed the summer and winter sunrise solstice tours with your company. It would have been impossible without your expertise. Both tour guides were absolutley awesome and really knew their stuff. The priority parking saved heaps of time and the guided walk across the ceremonial landscape made a truly magical experience under the full moon - wow! We hope to join you for the vernal equinonx next year or 2022. Respect for what you do guys.

Peter and Kate - The Troggs
Salisbury, Wiltshire
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