Avebury Sunrise And Stonehenge Sunset Winter Solstice Tour: December 21st 2024 / Bath Departure

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Celebrate as our ancestors have done for thousands of years inside the magnificent Megaliths of Avebury Stone Circle. Music, singing and some colourful ceremonies ensure a lively atmosphere at Avebury to mark the Winter Solstice Celebrations. Experience up close, one of the wonders of the world’s largest Stone Circle at sunrise.

Celebrate amongst the megaliths of Avebury and connect to a tradition, to a celebration, older than our very society. Ancients believed the winter solstice was a time of death and rebirth, where spirits roamed the lands. Deep in the midwinter our ancestors rejoiced in the rebirth of the sun as the days once again began to elongate, looking forward to the spring and the promise of bounty which the new sun promised.  

2024 Winter Solstice Tour Highlights:

  • Sunrise at Avebury Stone Circle
    West Kennet Long Barrow
    Traditional Pub Lunch
    English Heritage Stonehenge visitor centre
    Visit Stonehenge and witness the solstice sunset
    Durrington Walls and Woodhenge
    Luxury Mini Coach | Bath Departure

Avebury Stone Circle dwarves Stonehenge and some parts of the complex are older than Stonehenge itself. First, we visit a 6000-year old tomb, the West Kennet Long Barrow, and enter the tomb itself. Back outside take in the wonderful views across the countryside to the world’s largest man-made prehistoric hill, Silbury Hill. West Kennet Long Barrow is a Neolithic tomb or barrow, located near Silbury Hill close to Avebury in Wiltshire. It was built over five and a half thousand years ago and and important pilgrimidge site on the solstice.

Visit Avebury Stone Circle on the Winter Solstice

Avebury Henge is one of the Wonders of Ancient Britain. Originally, the megalithic complex consisted of over 700 standing stones and contained the world’s largest stone circle. Long and meandering stone avenues coursed for one and a half miles which led to the inner circles and the heart of the stone temple. Walk amongst the Stones with the Druids and Pagans absorbing the magic of the largest Stone Circle in the world at one of the most important times of year. Take time to reflect upon its powerful, mysterious presence and the ancient engineering and design.

We then take the scenic historic route using the country lanes towards Stonehenge. As we meander through the countryside, we pass famous white horses carved into the chalk hillsides and picturesque, tucked away villages. We stop at a traditional country Pub for lunch (included in price). Enjoy a local pint of ale or cider before our onward journey.

Then we will visit key archaeology sites including Durrington Walls, Woodhenge and The Cursus and learn more about the archaeological landscape and investigative work that has taken place in recent years.

“The big skies, striking views of the stone circle and sense of ancientness make the Stonehenge landscape a fine place for a truly magical guided tour”

Finally we arrive at the Stonehenge visitor centre. We allow time to explore the exhibition centre before a guided walking tour of the monument itself. Stonehenge is carefully aligned on a sight-line that points to the winter solstice sunset on December 21st. Witness the sun setting at Stonehenge from the ceremonial Avenue on the most important day of the Celtic Calander. We will be there for sunset!

The Solstice and Stonehenge

Stonehenge has been carefully aligned for thousands of years on a sight-line that points to the winter solstice sunset (opposed to New Grange, which points to the winter solstice sunrise, and the Goseck circle, which is aligned to both the sunset and sunrise). It is even thought that the Winter Solstice was actually more important to the people who constructed Stonehenge than the Summer Solstice. When you see the primeval light strike the stones on this crisp winter evening it’s easy to see why.

Depart central Bath at approx 7am* December 21st 2025
Return to Bath approx. 6pm

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‍Our guide Nick was absolutely amazing! He is SO full of knowledge abouteverything! I 100% recommend him for any tour. He was beyond kind and helpful to our family of 7. We will definitely book him whenever we come back!


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour! It was so much fun and we learned a lot that day! Our guide was wonderful and we appreciated his knowledge and experience.

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