Travel safely with STONEHENGE TOURS

FEBRUARY 2023: There are no coronavirus (COVID-19 restrictions in the UK.

London and the COVID Pandemic. At this stage of the pandemic, Americans can travel to London whether or not they have been vaccinated and without COVID testing or quarantine. Masks are still recommended in some crowded areas but are not required for the most part and are no longer required on our tours.

Stonehenge Tours acquired the Industry Standard ‘We’re Good to Go’ certificate which means our business has followed government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing. All our driver / guides have now been vaccinated and take a lateral flow test before each and every tour departure. Responsible Tourism. We take extra care so you stay safe!

At Stonehenge Tours we’ve been working with our London travel partners and program Leaders to ensure that when you are ready to explore Britain again, our collection of small group tours for couples and solo travellers are ready for the new world (post covid-19) that awaits us.

Cleaning - We have implemented an enhanced cleaning regime. Our vehicles are cleaned daily with antiviral products, with particular attention paid to all high contact areas and a disinfectant fogging system used nightly on all mini-coaches.

STAY SAFE: Private Tour Option
Only want to travel with your family or chosen group? Why not book the entire vehicle and take a private tour? Choose any Stonehenge itinerary from only £49 per person! View our
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Ultimately, Travel in the UK can be as safe and enjoyable as it always has been. Our exclusive Stonehenge private access tours visit Stonehenge before or after the monument is officially open to the public, missing all the crowds. The U.K has an abundance of rural tourist destinations which are as beautiful and historically laden as any in the cities. If you follow the critical advice from health experts and book privately, it is easy to stay totally safe and have a fascinating vacation simultaneously. So why not take the private tour option this year or next  and keep your family safe, whilst still showing them the time of their lives!

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you on our tour!

Stonehenge Tours are committed to ensuring a safe and responsible return to travel.
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